Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hamburgers or Ice-creams?

We've had some great days down here on the South Coast, the weather at times has been gorgeous, but it has been a long time coming, and those long dark days of winter are now fading into memory, so it may not seem surprising for me to start talking about hamburgers and ice creams. The Barbecue season is upon us and every day I see people cooking on their disposable barbecues down on the beach.
The thing is, I'm not talking about food at all- a couple of weeks ago I went to film Lara having a 4D scan- she was 29 weeks pregnant and had booked in to have a private detailed 4D scan of her baby, this is the second time I have filmed one of Lara's pregnancies, see Lara's previous story under GroupB strephttp://www.mybirth.tv/video-play.cfm?id=213 and induction of labourhttp://www.mybirth.tv/video-play.cfm?id=189, and it always makes me happy that parents call me back to film for a second or even third time, and I will be following Lara's birth story for the next few weeks and it will appear on mybirth.tv later in the year. For the scan, Lara brought along her husband Rob and Jake- now 4- doesn't time fly?
So where do hamburgers and ice-creams come in to this I hear you say? As the sonographer smeared the gel over Lara's tummy and placed the probe over where the baby lay, one of the images that came into view was a hamburger! Lara chuckled as the scan revealed what she already suspected, "yes, it's definitely a hamburger" cried Lara as the sonographer moved the probe over Lara's bump. I'd never heard this expression before or what it meant. Well, when they scan to see the sex of the baby, if the area looks like a hamburger it's a girl and if it looks like an ice-cream it's a boy- simple really when you understand the terminology!